Lightweight Desktop

I have been using Linux as my primary OS since quite some time. Although I started out with a Desktop Environment and all the eye-candy any app would offer, I have been lately becoming a minimalist and like to use lightweight apps leaving more and more resources for the applications that really need them.

I always install just the core of the OS and then install the applications that I want.

The pages within are therefore dedicated to using light weight apps as much as possible. I try to give links to all the applications that I mention where possible. In case I missed some, do let me know and I will add them.

This is only so that people can have a “one-stop-shop” to know what lightweight apps they can use. It is up to you to get more information from the websites mentioned. If I have used those apps, I will try and help you out in case you face any issues.

Good Luck shedding that weight !!


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